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Yamaha Baby Grand and Grand Pianos

Concordia University Ann Arbor
Concordia University, Ann Arbor - Southeast Michigan

Piano Sale Event


The Music Department of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, has had use of new Yamaha pianos for the school year. These pianos are provided for our rehearsal, teaching, and performance needs at no charge to us. Having these pianos in our facility is essential to providing quality experiences for our students and our community.

To support this loan program, these and other fine pianos will be sold to initiate this valuable partnership and provide resources to the Music Department. All pianos will be sold at institutional prices not normally available in retail stores. In addition to the pianos on loan, allocated grands, verticals, digitals, hybrids, Disklavier player pianos, as well as a selection of used pianos will be sold at significant discounts from their regular prices.

New or used pianos will be available for sale from top quality brands such as Yamaha,
Bösendorfer, Clavinova, Baldwin, Schimmel, vintage Steinway & Sons and many others. Most instruments are less than one-year old, include a new factory warranty, are tuned, and ready to go.

Dr. Ryan Peterson
Vice President of Administration
Office of the President

Pianos & Digital Pianos Available for Public Purchase

A large selection of grands, baby grands, player grands, vertical (upright) pianos, digital pianos will be available. This event will feature instruments from such famous makers as Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Schimmel, Pramberger, Disklavier, Clavinova, and a discrete selection of vintage Steinway & Sons, and American-made pianos, and many others. Most instruments are less than one-year old, include a new factory warranty, are tuned, and ready to go. Delivery and special no-interest financing is available on site. 

Piano Sale Event at Concordia University, Ann Arbor
Pianos on Stage - Piano Sale Event at Concordia University, Ann Arbor

“Largest selection of pianos in Southeast Michigan. Teachers and tuners tell their students to wait months for this event”

Delivery and special financing will be offered at the sale

By Appointment Only

This year the event will be conducted by appointment only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Make your appointment to purchase a piano with priority selection and special pricing.

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This event will be held on campus in the Kreft Center for the Arts located at 4090 Geddes Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Complimentary parking available in the “E Visitor” Lot.  We are providing a map below that shows the location of the parking lot, as well as the direct path leading to the Kreft Center For the Performing Arts event site.

Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Disklavier, Pramberger, and Other Quality Brands

In addition to the Concordia University loan pianos, there will also be:

  • grands
  • verticals
  • digitals
  • hybrids
  • players (including Yamaha Disklavier Enspire Reproducing Pianos)
  • selection of used pianos

All will be sold at significant discounts from their regular prices. The loaned pianos have been carefully maintained and many are less than one year old.

Service Offerings

  • All of the loaned pianos come with manufacturer warranties and technical services.
  • Delivery and financing will be offered.
  • Designing a new music space? We offer complimentary storage for up to 1 year.

Sample of Pianos Available

  • Yamaha Grand Pianos including Yamaha GB, GC, CX, and SX series
  • Yamaha Upright Pianos including U1, U3, P22, YUS series and B series
  • Yamaha Clavinova Digitals including CSP, CLP and CVP  series
  • Yamaha AvantGrand Hybrids NU1X, N1, N2 and N3X
  • Yamaha Silent and TransAcoustic pianos
  • Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE Reproducing player pianos
  • And more!

By Appointment Only

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Come View and Play Over 200 Pianos

Special Event Financing

0% APR for 12 Months

Couple playing a Yamaha grand piano together

Come See and Play Over 200 Pianos and Player Systems

Service Warranty & Financing

Experience the Yamaha Disklavier Enspire Reproducing Piano

Event Safety Procedures

Play the Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano - Player Piano at the Concordia University Piano Event

Save Up to 40%

For an appointment, please call 734 821-3197 or use form below:

2022 Appointment Request + Off-Season

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Overview of Grand and Baby Grand Pianos

Hi, I'm Thomas Solich, a piano teacher and donor. And I'm here at the Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan to tell you about all the baby grands and grand pianos that we have on selection at this year's on campus piano sale.

As a teacher, and a donor, I am extremely proud of our massive selection of pianos, and specifically highlighting the baby grands and grands even up to semi-concert grand pianos and concert grand pianos. There's no question that our passion is Yamaha. We have a larger selection of Yamaha grand pianos than anywhere else across the state of Michigan. And that includes Detroit, Ann Arbor, all the way up to Grand Rapids and yes, all across the Midwest.

So what I want you to do after watching this video is call the number on your screen or fill out a form on our website and make an appointment to come and select and purchase one of our grand pianos here at Concordia. Even just dissecting the line of Yamaha grand pianos. We're so excited to have the full selection of Yamaha GB and Yamaha GC baby grands, Yamaha Conservatory CX grand pianos, Yamaha SX, CF and premium grand pianos in Michigan.

I have already heard from my fellow piano teachers and educators who are sending their students from as close as Detroit Novi, Shelby Township, Bloomfield Hills in Troy, Michigan, all the way as far as students driving to Concordia, from up in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and over across the border in Toledo, Ohio, and well beyond. This is not just a regional piano sale covering Southeast Michigan.

This is a sale of grand pianos that is comprehensive across the Midwest and we look forward to your appointment. In addition to Yamaha grand pianos. We have pianos from Schimmel. We also have pianos from Knabe, used Kawai, Pramberger, Fridolin, Wilhelm Schimmel, classic Schimmel and Konzert Schimmel and concert is spelled with a K and a z. It's the German spelling. We're also very honored to have the premium Bösendorfer grand pianos. In fact, if you live in or around Michigan, or anywhere in Toledo, Ohio, or across the Midwest, and you're looking to purchase a baby grand or grand piano in the next three years, let it be a Concordia piano.

Every new and used grand piano that is sold to the residents across Detroit, Ann Arbor and across Michigan, as well as the Midwest comes with manufacturer warranties and tuning and they're ready to go. We have delivery and financing. Please call the appointment on your screen to experience the Concordia University piano sale in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The most robust selection of grand and baby grand pianos in Michigan and across the Midwest. See you there. Bösendorfer 
Thomas Solich, Concert Pianist
Thomas Solich

Kreft Center of the Arts

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